Mark me with your Love


a/n: louis wore a turtle neck today alright

rating: idek r?

It had been a long, sexually frustrating day in Harry’s defense. Louis was wearing tight pants and one of his sweaters and if that isn’t the epitome of turn ons Harry didn’t know what was.

Louis had this thing where he knew when Harry was horny, and he used it to his advantage. He let his touches linger a few seconds past the point of being normal, thigh caresses took place when their legs were hidden by tables, and he even went as far as grabbing harry’s dick through his pocket, and Harry wished he could say he had gotten better at controlling his reaction to it.

None of it mattered though, because as soon as they were through their front door all traces of teasing were gone and Louis was more than willing to oblige to Harry’s needs.

Harry pushed Louis back against the door, and Louis moaned breathily on Harry’s neck because he loved this. He loved when Harry man-handled him and threw him around as if he weighed nothing. Harry smashed their lips together roughly, running his hands up and down Louis’ sides underneath his shirt where his nails scratched slightly against the hot skin.

Their chests were flush together and Louis arched his back in a desperate attempt to get some sort of friction on the place he needed to most, but Harry just responded by grunting and placing his hands on the bottom side of Louis thighs, telling him to wrap them around Harry’s waist which he hastily did.

Harry held him by his ass and Louis hooked his ankles behind his back while they licked into each other’s mouths hotly, Harry occasionally pausing to nip at Louis’ bottom lip. He carried him over to their couch and dropped him down into sitting position right before straddling Louis’ lap. 

Louis moaned and bucked his hips up to meet Harry’s crotch. Harry tightened his thighs around Louis’ closed legs and attached his lips to Louis’ neck, sucking roughly at the tan skin. Louis mewled and threw his head against the back of the couch in an attempt to give his boyfriend more access. Harry licked across the now sensitive and red skin and moved to Louis’ adam apple, licking around it as it vibrated from Louis’ groans. He grinned and let his tongue run a path to Louis’ ear and began sucking at the area underneath it. 

Louis started panting roughly and ran his hands through Harry’s hair, pulling him closer with a rough tug. It was Harry’s turn to mewl as he bit down into the juncture of Louis’ throat, letting his teeth and tongue scrape across the new bite. 

He leaned down and nipped at Louis’ ear, breathing a hot “you’ll pay for that” as he started to grind down against his boyfriend’s crotch.


Louis woke up naked on the living room floor with Harry curled into his side. He threw of the blanket covering his waist and got up swiftly with only a grunt and stur from Harry. He padded down the hallway into the bathroom and held back a gasp when he looked in the mirror. 

His neck was littered with at least fifteen bruises from the bottom of his jawline all across his chest and neck. He ran his fingers across them lightly, closing his eyes and trying to be angry but he honestly couldn’t bring himself to care. He felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist. He opened his eyes and saw Harry with his head resting against his shoulder, kissing under his ear and on his neck.

"Do you see what you’ve done?" Louis said casually, trying to hold back a breathy sigh from Harry’s lips moving across his skin.

Harry smiled into a kiss on his shoulder and laughed against it. “M’m sorry babe,” he said, continuing to press kisses across Louis’ neck.

Louis lolled his head to the side, giving Harry more room and Harry just tightened his arms around Louis’ body. “Of course,” Harry said, his lips still ghosting across Louis’ skin, “our make up artists are going to be upset considering we have to perform at an awards show today.”

And Louis should’ve cared, and he probably should’ve stopped Harry from continuing to mark the skin but he didn’t, and instead just leaned farther into Harry’s warm embrace.

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