"oh yeah babe scratch my back harder yeah just like tha- no little to the left, now up further- yeah just like that. thanks it’s been itching all fucking day"

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"thin shaming is just as much of a problem as fat shaming" do thin people have pics secretly taken of them and then posted online to get ridiculed all over the internet just because of their body? do thin people get judged for every single thing they wear? do thin people have to deal with little media representation and nasty stereotypes? do thin people have to handle others pretending to know their body better than they do? I’m body positive for all body types 100% but "thin shaming" will never be like fat shaming, just look around. your body type is plastered on every magazine, tv show, and movie. you will never understand what fat people go through. don’t pretend the world is against you.

pros of having long hair 

  • it’s cute
  • you can do a lot with it

cons of having long hair

  • literally everything else